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Find Out How To Replace Your Lost Title

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Have you accidentally lost the title to your vehicle, trailer or boat? The Department of Revenue has laid out the tools and information you will need to replace your lost information. 

1. Complete the Duplicate Title Application

By completing the duplicate title form, you are stating the original title has been either

  1. lost;
  2. stolen;
  3. destroyed;
  4. mutilated;
  5. illegible; or
  6. was never received.  

2. Complete the Odometer Disclosure

The Odometer Disclosure states the vehicle's actual mileage at the time of request for the duplicate title. Was the title for a vehicle 9 years old or newer or does your vehicle have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 16,000 lbs. or less? 

3. Signing For Someone? Have Your Power of Attorney Application On File

Are you an individual that is not the owner of this vehicle, but is signing for the owner? Attach your completed Power of Attorney form or begin this process before completing the duplicate title application.

4. Visit Your Local County Treasurer's Office

Compile all the above documents that are necessary to your specific needs, $10 to cover the fee and visit your local county treasurer's office


Did you apply for a duplicate title and have not received it in the mail? Find out what to do by visiting our blog post here.

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