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Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Fees

The permit fee is assessed according to the 30-day permit fee schedule. The total permit fee is charged, not the difference resulting from increased tonnage.

Weight Cost Weight Cost Weight Cost Weight Cost
2 Ton $9.00 14 Ton $58.00 26 Ton $142.00 38 Ton $226.00
3 Ton $11.00 15 Ton $65.00 27 Ton $149.00 39 Ton $233.00
4 Ton $13.00 16 Ton $72.00 28 Ton $156.00 40 Ton $240.00
5 Ton $15.00 17 Ton $79.00 29 Ton $163.00 41 Ton $247.00
6 Ton $18.00 18 Ton $86.00 30 Ton $170.00 42 Ton $254.00
7 Ton $21.00 19 Ton $93.00 31 Ton $177.00 43 Ton $261.00
8 Ton $24.00 20 Ton $100.00 32 Ton $184.00 44 Ton $268.00
9 Ton $27.00 21 Ton $107.00 33 Ton $191.00 45 Ton $275.00
10 Ton $30.00 22 Ton $114.00 34 Ton $198.00 46 Ton $282.00
11 Ton $37.00 23 Ton $121.00 35 Ton $205.00 47 Ton $289.00
12 Ton $44.00 24 Ton $128.00 36 Ton $212.00 48 Ton $296.00
13 Ton $51.00 25 Ton $135.00 37 Ton $219.00 49 Ton $303.00

A fee of $7 is added for each additional ton.


Commercial Vehicle Permits

Temporary Commercial Licensing Permit

A temporary commercial license permit may be sold to a South Dakota resident or an out-of-state resident in 30-day increments for up to one year. There is no limit on the number of temporary commercial license permits that can be sold. When licensing vehicles over 27 tons, the applicant must file the federal heavy vehicle use tax and provide proof of the filing by providing the Motor Vehicle Division with a copy of the IRS verified form for the licensing period. This permit may also be used to temporarily increase the tonnage on a commercial licensed vehicle.


Commercial Vehicle License Plates

All commercial license plates are renewed annually. The staggered renewal schedule is based on the first letter of the last name of the vehicle owner or the first letter of the business that owns the vehicle. Registrations with tonnage of 28 ton or greater must supply to the county treasurer a stamp verified copy of Form 2290, Schedule 1 (proof of filing/payment of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) at the time of registration for the most current tax period. These tonnage decals are mailed to the vehicle owner from the Motor Vehicle Division's Pierre office upon verification of proper filing. Tonnage decals of less than 28 ton are issued by the county and do not require the Form 2290.

  Vehicle Plate
Commercial License Plate Commercial License Plate
Applicable Law SDCL 32-5-152, SDCL 32-9-17


Apply for Title & Registration


Construction Vehicle License Plates

A vehicle used exclusively on job sites for the construction of township roads, stock water dugouts, dams, farm and ranch irrigation systems or other soil and water conservation projects on farms and ranches, or for the construction or maintenance of highways in the State of South Dakota may qualify for construction plates. Any motor vehicle, semitrailer, motor-propelled or trailed vehicle chassis registered in South Dakota is eligible.

  Vehicle Plate
Construction Vehicle License Plate Construction Vehicle License Plate
Fee Construction plates are to be purchased annually from the Division of Motor Vehicles for a fee of $25. Prior to moving any vehicle or equipment (between job sites or from a job site to a central location) that has been issued a construction plate, the owner must obtain a $5 permit for the movement of the vehicle or equipment on the roads and highways. The permits, which are obtained through the Highway Patrol, are available in books of 10 for a fee of $50. A $5 mailing fee is also assessed.
Apply Complete an Application for Special License Plates (MV-101)(PDF).
Applicable Law SDCL 32-9-3, SDCL 32-9-58


Commercial Radio License Plates

Commercial radio license plates may be obtained from the Motor Vehicle Division by any commercial radio station or broadcasting company licensed by the federal communications commission. The plates will bear the inscription of the station's call numbers.

  Vehicle Plate
Commercial Radio License Plate Commercial Radio License Plate
Fee Applicants must pay a $10 special plate fee in addition to the registration fee for the initial registration and each renewal. A $5 mailing fee is also assessed. The special plate fee is in addition to the registration fee for the initial registration and each renewal.
Apply Complete an Application for Special License Plates (MV-101)(PDF).
Applicable Law SDCL 32-5-65


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