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Alcohol Tax & Enforcement
Direct Wine Shipping
Home Brewer
Retailer Information

Alcohol Tax & Enforcement

Information for the general public on direct wine shipping information, age limitations and serving restrictions in South Dakota.


Direct Wine Shipping

Any winery located within or outside of the state may ship wine to South Dakota consumers if they meet the requirements to obtain a Direct Wine Shipper license. For more information on license requirements to ship wine into South Dakota, please see Alcohol in the businesses section. If you would like to verify that your favorite winery is licensed to ship into South Dakota, use the Direct Wine Shipper Search tool. 


Home Brewer

Individuals are allowed to produce 200 gallons or less for personal, family, or similar use of:

  • malt beverages,
  • cider, or 
  • wine

Home brewers are not required to get an alcohol license and are exempt from any taxes or fee imposed under the alcoholic beverage laws of South Dakota. Products produced by home brewers may not be manufactured or stored in a public place or place of business unless the business holds a retail on premise manufacturer license.

Malt beverage, cider, or wine may only be stored or consumed on a licensed premise if the premises is licensed to sell the products and; 

  1. The location is an exhibition, festival, educational event, a technical or sensory evaluation, or a tasting competition.
  2. The malt beverage, cider, or wine is clearly identified by the licensed business.
  3. The licensed business makes the location of manufacture available upon request.
  4. The malt beverage, cider, or wine is served free of charge or as a prize by the licensed business; and 
  5. The malt beverage, cider, or wine does not exceed the sample size limitations


Retailer Information

For more information, please see liquor retailers and other liquor licenses page in the business section. In South Dakota, there are several different alcohol licenses businesses can hold, they include:

  • On-Sale Liquor
  • Off-Sale Liquor
  • Transportation Companies
  • On-Sale Malt Beverage
  • Off-Sale Malt Beverage

Alcohol Laws & Regulations

Individuals can find direct wine shipping information, age limitations and serving restrictions in South Dakota.

Alcohol For Businesses

Find information, laws, and regulations relating to businesses with alcohol sales & licenses in South Dakota here.