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What is the 605Drive project?

The Department of Revenue is modernizing its title, vehicle registration, and dealer system.

The Motor Vehicle Division oversees about 1.6 million registered vehicles (including boats, snowmobiles and off-road) in South Dakota and regulates nearly 1,400 licensed motor vehicle dealers.  

This system will transform the way the Department of Revenue’s motor vehicle division issues titles, renews registrations, and works with its stakeholders.

Why is 605Project project needed?

The current system, SDCars, experiences much functional deficiencies. The Department has discussed the need to modernize the system for many years. The dated nature of the current system presents the agency with limited support and minimal staff who are knowledgeable about maintaining the system.

The State annually reviews the lives of critical systems infrastructure. While ongoing investments have extended the life of the system numerous times, the system has reached the end of its useful life and need to be replaced.

What are the 605Drive project goals?

The project has two focus areas, externally DOR wants to improve the customer experience interacting with our agency. Internally, the focus is on improving efficiencies while protecting our agency's data. 

What is the timeline for 605Drive?

Project definitions and development have begun. We anticipate the testing phase to begin in August 2024, with plans to launch the new system mid-February 2025.

How can the public ask questions about the 605Drive project?

If the public has questions about the 605Drive project, please send an email to or call 605.773.3541.