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Nonprofit Organization Vehicles

Emblem Specialty Plates

Emblem Specialty License Plates are different than regular plates because they have a 3" x 3" square space designated for division approved decals. Qualifying entities can apply for an emblem to be placed on an emblem specialty plate if they belong to one of the following groups and meet the specific statutory requirements:

  • Approved Organization
  • First Responder – Decal must be approved by Public Safety
  • Organ Donor


Nonprofit Organization Decals 

View a complete list of approved nonprofits that have acquired decals in the Organization Decal Guide (PDF). The guide also provides a sample of the decal and a contact name for each entity. 

  • Must be on file with the Office of Secretary of State and must have a minimum of two hundred members, volunteers or donors;
  • Once approved, the organization may purchase a minimum purchase for emblem decals is 100 sets of decals. The ordering entity must reimburse the Motor Vehicle Division for the cost of decals plus an additional 15% administrative fee.
  • Upon sale or transfer of a vehicle bearing emblem specialty plates that display an emblem specialty decal, the plates shall remain with the owner and may be transferred to another vehicle, upon approval by the Motor Vehicle Division.


General Emblem Decal Requirements

Any entity applying for an emblem to be used on an emblem specialty license plate must meet the following general requirements:

  • The primary activity or interest of the entity services the community, contributes to the welfare of others, and is not offensive or discriminatory in its purpose, nature, activity, or name;
  • The name and purpose of the entity does not promote any specific product or brand name that is provided for sale;
  • The emblem of the entity does not promote a specific religion, faith, or anti-religious belief; and
  • The application and the emblem design have been approved by the Motor Vehicle Division.


Approved Entities

How Do I Get My Entity Involved?

Qualifying entities wishing to have a decal of their own can fill out a South Dakota Emblem Specialty License Plate Application.

See Approved Entities


Nonprofit Organization Vehicles Online Forms