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Motor Vehicle Title Printing Delay

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On November 9th, DOR announced that we would be delaying the printing of paper titles.

There are instances where individuals and businesses may need the paper title and our agency is trying to accommodate as many of those request as possible. Those needing a paper tile can complete a form that is submitted electronically to the Department. Any title processed by our office on or after November 9th that has an approved request is printed the next day. Reasons to request a paper title include 1) A South Dakota resident is moving to another state or 2) the Vehicle Ownership has been transferred.

Ownership changes may include the following:

  • Current Titled Owner has Sold the Vehicle
  • Adding / Removing a Name on a Title
  • Insurance Claim
  • Court Order

Individuals who purchase a new vehicle, but have a loan on the vehicle will not receive a paper title until the vehicle loan has been paid and the bank releases the electronic title.  If the lien is released before the Department resumes normal printing services and the owner needs a printed title, they will need to submit a printed title request.

Our agency has been meeting with county officials and motor vehicle dealers to ensure they have the training and tools they need in order to meet the needs of their customers. Since announcing the delay, DOR has received 803 requests for a paper title, 80% of those requests have been processed and of those processed, 2/3 have been approved.  

Individuals and businesses would like to request a paper title may do so by complete our online form at the link provided below. 

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