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Is Your Outdoor Winter Equipment Licensed Properly?

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Outdoor Winter Equipment Properly Licensed with the Department of Revenue

Although we are seeing drastically warmer weather than usual this year, the South Dakota Department of Revenue still wants to make sure your outdoor winter equipment licensed properly.

Fish Houses

Fish houses, ice castles, ice shacks; regardless of what you call it, it is important to know if you need to license your fishing equipment. 

If your mobile ice house is built onto a trailer and it is not removable from the trailer itself, this must be titled and licensed.

If your ice house can be taken off of the trailer, it does not need to be licensed. However, do not forget that the trailer you use to haul your ice house to where the big fish are, will still need to be titled and licensed.

Apply For a License

Game, Fish & Parks Reminds Fisherman

Each fish house, shanty, or other shelter utilized on the ice for the purpose of ice fishing or spearing must display the name and address of the owner in letters at least two inches tall on the outside of the shelter. Portable shelters removed from the ice daily are exempt from the marking requirements. Shelter doors must permit entry at all times, except when unoccupied and locked from the outside. Shelters must be removed from the ice by midnight on the last day of February, statewide. Shelters may be used after the removal date if removed from the ice daily.


If your snowmobile is used on public land, private land, or any frozen public waters within territorial limits of South Dakota, it must be licensed. 

Do you have a motorcycle you are using as a snowmobile? Keep in mind, a motorcycle must be titled as a motorcycle. The title cannot be converted to a snowmobile title. If you do change the motorcycle to a snowmobile, it must comply with the definition of "an engine-driven vehicle which uses sled type runners or skis with an endless belt tread, or similar means of contact, with the surface upon which it is operated and the vehicle does not exceed 48 inches in width." If these requirements are met, you will need an annual permit issued by the Department of Game, Fish, and Parks, in order to use your motorcycle as a snowmobile. 

Apply For a License

Skid-steer Loaders 

Did you know skid-steer loaders do not require a motor vehicle title or license? However, they are subject to sales tax. If you are conducting a snow removal business, you will need to apply for a sales tax license with our Business Tax Division. For more information, please call (800)829-9188, option 1.


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