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Is Your Audit Inquiry Valid or a Scam?

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These days we all hear about scams more frequently than we’d like to. While receiving a notice for an audit is no cause for an alarm, getting a non-authentic notice from parties other than the Department of Revenue can be a cause for concern.

Use these tips to ensure any tax or audit inquiry you may receive is legitimate:

  1. A Notice of Intent to Audit letter will arrive to you listing your correct license number registered with the DOR. Additionally, all DOR notifications will come in an envelope with the correct DOR logo on the stationary.
  2. If the inquiry is in person, ask to see an Identification Card! Each DOR employee has a photo Identification Card issued to them with the correct DOR logo.
  3. DO NOT be fooled by outside interests that claim to collect taxes or assist with audits on behalf of the DOR. Under SDCL 10-52-4, the administration or audit of municipal taxes shall be by the DOR only.
  4. When in doubt, pick up the phone and call our 1-800 number to verify that the person contacting you is a current and legitimate DOR employee. (1-800-829-9188)

If you feel that an inquiry you received is a scam, please report it to the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office here

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