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5 Common Errors When Titling A Vehicle

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eForm of the Week; information you need to know from the South Dakota Department of Revenue

Are you looking to obtain a new vehicle? We've provided guidance on how to correctly title your new purchase. DOR is here to make sure you don't miss any important steps along the way! 

Once you purchase a vehicle, be sure to make a trip to your local county treasurers office. 

IF you purchase a vehicle from a dealer in South Dakota, they will upload the transaction online and send you the following: an application, title, any necessary dealer reassignments, and the Power of Attorney form. You, as the customer, need to be sure to sign the title application and buyer area on the title reassignment.

IF you purchase a vehicle from a private party or an out of state dealer, you've come to the right place. The DOR website provides you with the Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Application to fill out, print and sign. If you financed the vehicle, please provide the lender's name and address required to be noted. You will need to provide the title, the Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Application, Bill of Sale, Odometer Disclosure and Power of Attorney documents to the courthouse in person or by mail and they will follow the same process stated above. 

It is extremely important that you correctly sign these documents, especially if you are mailing them in to the courthouse. If you are planning to mail in your documents, be sure to call the county to get exact costs for titling, tax and license fees. If you are using a plate from a trade in that was titled in South Dakota, be sure to let the county know when titling so they will pick your plate and charge the appropriate fees.

Top 5 Common Errors

We have listed the 5 common errors in titling your new vehicle. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your local county treasurer's office who may be able to assist you further. 

  1. No signature on application or title
  2. No bill of sale with purchase price
  3. Missing odometer reading from seller
  4. No lease agreement submitted with paperwork when a lease
  5. Lien not put on application when noted on title for new buyer

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