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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Extension of Time to File Return (SDCL 10-43-30.1)
Per SDCL 10-43-30.1, requests to file a federal extension with the SD Department of Revenue are due to our office on or before the day the return was originally due

Each taxpayer is required to file their franchise tax return within 15 days after their income tax return is due.  To qualify for an extension to file per SDCL 10-43-30.1, send the department the following three items on or before the franchise tax return original due date

  • A cover letter requesting an extension;
  • A copy of your Federal Income Tax Extension Request Form; and
  • Pay your estimated tax by the original due date.  Minimum tax is $200 per return.  Tax schedule for trust entities falls under SDCL10-43-90.

Extension requests received after these due dates will be denied.  Penalty and interest will apply for late filing and/or payment.  To ensure compliance with this statute, please share this information with staff responsible for filing extensions for your company.

Please send a copy of the cover letter and federal extension request to email address below. Do not send extension requests through SD EPath system.  This will delay their processing. 

To file a return and/or make a payment, please utilize SD EPath. 
If you have questions regarding EPath or are a first-time filer, view this video or contact: 

South Dakota Department of Revenue
Attn.: Dawn Woods, Sr. Revenue Agent – Franchise Tax
445 E Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD 57501
Ph: 605.773.2143 or 1.800.829.9188
Email extension requests / tax returns to:

*View the complete statute 10-43 at the Legislative Research Council website:


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