Property Valuation for Agricultural Land Assessments

Beginning with the 2010 assessment year (taxes payable in 2011), agricultural land in South Dakota will be assessed based upon its productivity value. Pursuant to state law, the Department of Revenue contracts with the Department of Economics at South Dakota State University to produce the productivity value or “formula value” for the productivity valuation system. This formula value is the starting point for valuing all agricultural land in the state and is adjusted by the county Director of Equalization to ensure uniform and fair valuations as required by state law.

The following links provide a brief explanation of the system and the commodity prices used for the 2018 assessment year:

The income data used to develop the formula value for each county can be found in the following drop-down box:

(NOTE: Please allow pop-ups for the drop-down box to function properly.) You can also view the annual income values in a separate spreadsheet:


Agricultural Land Assessment Implementation and Oversight Advisory Task Force

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