Chapter 32-03

All snowmobiles used on public and private lands and any frozen public waters within territorial limits of South Dakota must be licensed.

An Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration must be completed and filed in the county of the applicant's residence. The application must be signed by the record owner(s) or by an authorized agent for the record owner(s). If the application is signed by an authorized agent, a power of attorney document must be attached to verify the appointment.

A purchase order, sales contract or bill of sale will be required if the Dealer Price Certification is not completed on the application.

Attach to the application the manufacturer's statement of origin or title properly transferred to the applicant.

A bill of sale substantiating the price must be attached on sales between individuals. If a bill of sale cannot be furnished, a statement indicating such should be attached or the area indicating such on the Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration must be checked. A reasonable value for the snowmobile must then be established. On sales involving a dealer, the dealer price certification on the application for title must be completed by the selling dealer.

Payment of the correct amount of 3% excise tax, a title fee, and any license fees as required.

(License fees for snowmobiles shall be $10 per snowmobile for a one-year period. Payment of the due fee shall be made prior to the operation of, or permitting the operation of, any snowmobile within this state. The initial fees are prorated monthly. The snowmobile is registered under a staggered registration system, with expiration on the last day of which it was issued.)

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