Trailer License Plates

The annual validation decal is to be placed in the upper right hand corner of the license plate.
Fee These fees are based on the weight and year of the vehicle.
Apply Apply with Motor Vehicle form 608
Applicable Law 32-5

Trailer ID License Plates
Who is Eligible?

A trailer or semitrailer licensed with an identification plate pursuant to 32-5-8.1 may only be pulled by a noncommercial motor vehicle licensed pursuant to 32-5-6.3 or a commercially licensed motor vehicle except as provided by 32-5-8.3.

Special Requirements The identification plate is valid for the useful life of the trailer or semitrailer. However, if the title to the trailer or semitrailer is transferred, the new owner shall within thirty days of the date of transfer make application to the department for a new identification plate. However, no identification plate may be displayed on a recreational vehicle as defined in 32-3-1. Such a recreational vehicle shall be licensed pursuant to 32-5-8.
Fee The fee for the identification plate is $10.
Applicable Law 32-5-8.1

Prorate License Plates
Applicable Law Prorate 32-10-17

The administrator shall register the vehicles described and identified in an application pursuant to ยง 32-10-15 and shall issue a license plate or plates, or a vehicle registration card, or other suitable identification device, for each vehicle described in the application upon payment of the fees for registration and licensing and for the vehicle registration cards or other identification devices. A fee of three dollars shall be paid for each card or device issued for each proportionally registered vehicle. The card shall, in addition to the information required by chapter 32-5, bear upon its face the number of the license or other device issued for such proportionally registered vehicle and shall be carried in such vehicle at all times or, in the case of a combination, in the vehicle supplying the motive power.

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