Motorcycle License Plates

Standard Motorcycle
Fee These fees are based on the weight and year of the vehicle.
Apply Apply with Motor Vehicle form 608
Applicable Law 32-5

Permanently Disabled Person Motorcycle Plate
Who is Eligible? An owner of a vehicle, who is a resident of this state, who has complied with all the laws of this state in obtaining regular number license plates for the motor vehicle, and who operates or directs the operation of the vehicle, may submit to the county treasurer an application containing a physician's certificate on a form approved by the secretary, stating that the applicant is a person with substantial physical disability that makes it impossible or causes substantial hardship to walk. The secretary shall promulgate a rule defining a person with a substantial disability.
Apply Apply with Motor Vehicle form 044.
Fees There is no additional charge for physically disabled person's license plates.
Applicable Law 32-5-76

Diabled Veteran Motorcycle
Who is Eligible? Before a person can receive a disabled veteran plate, he or she must be an owner of a motor vehicle or motorcycle and a resident veteran who is either:
  1. A recipient of a Veterans' Administration K Award; or
  2. A recipient of an automobile under Public Law 187; or
  3. A recipient of a statutory benefit for loss or loss of use of one or more extremities; or
  4. A recipient of a veteran's allotment for total disability which is a service connected injury.
In addition, the injury must have been incurred in active duty during a time of war or while participating in a military mission involving armed conflict. Disabled Veteran plates are available for passenger vehicles and motorcycles.
Special Requirements Disabled Veteran plates will be issued from the division upon verification of Disabled Veteran status through the Veteran's Administration in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If the applicant does not qualify for Disabled Veteran status, the $10 fee will be refunded. If the applicant does qualify, the regular plate fee will be refunded.
Apply It will be necessary to complete an Application for Special License Plates (MV-SL1).
Fees Ten Dollars will be charged annually for the Disabled Veteran plate, no registration fee is charged.
Applicable Law 32-5-155, 32-5-156, 32-5-157

Exempt Motorcycle
Who is Eligible? Vehicles owned by United States, states, counties, townships, and municipalities; vehicles purchased by the state under Sections 18 and 16(b)2 of the Urban Mass Transportation Act; vehicles owned by public school corporations, fire departments, Native American tribes or schools, or non-profit adjustment training centers; buses and vans owned by churches.
Special Requirements No 4% excise tax is due on vehicles owned by the above-indicated entities.
Apply It will be necessary to complete an Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration (MV-608) and an Application for Exempt Entity License Plates (MV-098).
Fees The fee for such plates is $4.
Applicable Law 32-5-42

Historical Motorcycle
Who is eligible? Any resident who owns a motorcycle which is more than 30 years old may apply for "historical motorcycle" license plates which are permanent for the life of the motorcycle.
Special Requirements Vehicles displaying such plates can only be used for special occasions such as displays, parades, exhibitions, tours, and similar uses, and may be driven to service stations or garages for fuel and repairs. It may not be used for general transportation purpose unless it displays regular number plates issued by the county treasurer. Regular license plates issued by this state in the same year as the year of the vehicle (this does not pertain to motorcycles) may be used on the historical vehicle in lieu of historic license plates, but must be registered through the Division of Motor Vehicles.
Fee A fee of $10 shall be assessed.
Apply Complete an Application for Special License Plates (MV-101).
Applicable Law 32-5-77

Motorcycle Dealer
Who is Eligible? Motorcycle, trailer, and mobile home/manufactured home dealer plates: The department shall issue to every motorcycle dealer, trailer dealer and mobile home/manufactured home dealer, upon application and payment of a fee of $15 for each plate, dealer’s metal number plates. One license plate shall be displayed on the rear of any motorcycle or trailer, semitrailer, travel trailer, or mobile home/manufactured home owned by the dealer. A prospective buyer may operate any vehicle owned by the licensed dealer and bearing the dealers’ metal plate on the streets and highways of this state for any purpose, including demonstration. Motorcycles are required to have only one permit on the back of the vehicle. A $5 fee is assessed for each set of plates to be mailed and a $1 fee is assessed for reach set of decals to be mailed.
Apply MV-099.
Applicable Law 32-6B-23

Purple Heart
Who is Eligible? Any resident veteran owner of a motor vehicle or motorcycle who has received the Purple Heart medal may apply to the Secretary of Revenue and Regulation for special motor vehicle license plates. The applicant must submit a copy of DD Form 214, discharge papers, verifying eligibility.
Special Requirements If applicant dies. The plate must be surrendered to the county treasurer's office.
Fees Ten Dollars will be charged annually for the Purple Heart plate, no registration fee is charged.
Apply It will be necessary to complete an Application for Special License Plates (MV-101).
Applicable Law 32-5-155

Who is Eligible? Members of approved nonprofit organizations are eligible to purchase organization license plates from their county treasurer which allows for placement of organization decals on a special license plate. The decals allow nonprofit organizations throughout South Dakota to raise additional funds for their organizations by charging members an additional fee for the decal.
Apply Individuals can view a complete list of approved nonprofits by using the Organization Decal Guide. (The guides are available in print form at all county treasurer offices.) The guide also provides a sample of the decal and a contact name for each organization.

The regular license plate fee plus $10 to the county treasurer. Please make sure to read the application instructions for further details.

The organization is responsible for determining who qualifies for the decal and the fee to be charged. The organization is also responsible for the administration and issuance of the decals. Individuals are not required to have their organization decal on their plates before placing them on their automobile.

Please affix the plates to your automobile. Organization License Plates are different than regular plates because they have a 3" x 3" square space designated for the decals.

Upon sale or transfer of a vehicle bearing organization plates that display an organizational decal, the plates shall remain with the owner and may be transferred to another vehicle, upon approval by the department.
For Organizations - How to get your group involved Nonprofit groups wishing to have a decal of their own must fill out a South Dakota Organization/First Responder Decal Application. Completed applications should be sent to:
  • Department of Revenue
  • Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Attn: Special Licensing Section
  • 445 East Capitol Avenue
  • Pierre, SD 57501
If you have further questions about the program, please contact the division at (605) 773.3541(605) 773.3541.

Personalized Motorcycle
Who is Eligible? An owner of a motorcycle who is a resident of this state may apply for personalized motorcycle license plates. The plates are in addition to the regular license plates issued for the motorcycle.
Special Requirements Personalized plates may contain a maximum of 6 letters and a minimum of one letter.
Fees The annual fee for a personalized motorcycle license plate is $20.
Apply MV-239
Applicable Law 32-5-89.2, 32-5-89.3
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