Motor Vehicle Forms

Fillable Printable Title & Registration
Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration
Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title (MV010) - Duplicate title form.
Boat Registration Application and Transfer of Ownership Form (MV - 607) - South Dakota boat title and registration application.
South Dakota Exemptions (MV-609) - List of all of the exemptions from the 4% motor vehicle excise tax.
Application for the Tribal Member Exemption from the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Application for Replacement of License Plates/Validation Stickers or Title (Lost In Mail) - (MV-303) - Used to apply for duplicate plates or title under certain circumstances.
Applicant's Tax Payment Verification - Used to verify the payment of excise tax to another state. (MV-2007)
South Dakota Verification of Tax Assessment By Out-of-State Dealer (MV-2003) - Used to verify tax payment made to an out-of-state dealer.
South Dakota Payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (MV-316)
Fillable Printable License Plates & Decals
South Dakota Personalized License Plate Application (MV-239) - Used to apply for vanity plates.
South Dakota Application for Veteran and Active Duty Military Member License Plates and Affidavit
South Dakota Military License Application (MV-4000)
South Dakota Special License Plate Application (MV-101) - Fire Fighter, Indian Tribal, Historic, Construction Vehicle and Radio license plate application.
Application for Physically Disabled Parking Permit and License Plates (MV-044)- Used to apply for disabled person plates or permit.
South Dakota Emblem Plate Decal Application (MV-1100) - Used by organizations and first responders to apply for special decals for placement on their license plates.
South Dakota Exempt Entity License Plate Application (MV-098) - Used by exempt entities to obtain special license plates.
Affidavit for Duplicate License Plate / Validation Sticker (MV - 102)
Request For Display of Original Issue Plates on Historic Vehicle (MV-307) - Used to request authorization to display original license plates.
Farm Decal Application
South Dakota Noncommercial License Refund Application (MV-200)
Payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes
Fillable Printable Licensed Dealers
South Dakota Dealer License Application (MV-902) - Used by a dealer to become licensed to do business in South Dakota.
South Dakota Dealer License Plates (MV-099)
Dealer's Report of Sale
Dealer Request Form for 45-Day Title Delivery Extension (MV - 2011)
Foreign Title Trade In Form (MV-039)- Dealer form, used on an out-of-state titled trade-in vehicle.
Dealer Exit Audit (MV-900)
Application for Temporary Manufacturer, Customizer or Dealer Permit - Used to apply for a temporary permit to display or sell certain vehicles at an event, e.g. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
Fillable Printable Manufactured/Mobile Home
Affidavit for Declaration for a Manufactured Home Placed on Real Estate (MV - 004)
Affidavit for Declaration for a Manufactured Home Removed from Real Estate (MV - 003)
Notice of Intent to Sell Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3015)
Affidavit for Purpose of Movement of an Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3014)
Notice to Country Treasurer of Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3013)
Manufactured Home Removed from Real Estate Checklist
Fillable Printable Electronic Lien & Title (ELT)
Affidavit of Vehicle Repossession
Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration
Boat Title and Registration Application
ELT - Lender Application
ELT - Nonparticipating Lender Request for Paper Title
Notification to Submit Title
Order to Cancel Lien (MV - 011)
Order to Cancel Lien for Nonparticipating ELT Lender
Fillable Printable Affidavits
Affidavit for Vehicle Ownership by Succession - Used for transferring a vehicle title in the event of a death where the estate does not exceed $50,000.
Affidavit of Vehicle Repossession - Completed by a lienholder when repossessing a vehicle.
Affidavit in Support of Interstate Title (Nonnegotiable) - Temporary title and registration for an out-of-state vehicle.
Affidavit for Vehicle/Boat Registration (General Affidavit) (MV-215)- Statement of Fact, also used to correct an error that may have been made on documentation.
Four Wheel, All Terrain Vehicle Affidavit (MV-304)- Used to verify if a 4-wheeler is street legal.
Affidavit for a Low Speed Vehicle (MV - 2012)
Affidavit for Rebuilt Motor Vehicle (MV - 950) - Used to title a rebuilt vehicle
Affidavit for Truck Tractor Converted to a Motorhome (MV-315) - Used to verify required criteria on a motor home conversion.
Affidavit for the Purpose of Movement for Disposal
of an Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3014)
4% Excise Tax Refund Affidavit (MV-1020)
Affidavit Claiming Lack of Residence Post Office Address
Fillable Printable Miscellaneous
South Dakota Salvage and Recovered Theft Statement. (MV-610)
South Dakota Uniform Mileage Disclosure Statement (MV - 611)
South Dakota Damage Disclosure - Only valid for vehicles/boats acquired before July 1, 2015
Power of Attorney (MV-008) - Authorizes another person to act on behalf of a vehicle owner.
South Dakota Seller's Report of Sale
Bill of Sale: Motor Vehicle or Boat (MV-016)- Details the purchase price, date of sale and chain of ownership of a vehicle.
Driver's Privacy and Protection Act (MV-DPPA)- Used for history and title searches.
Unclaimed Vehicle: Due to Unpaid Repair Bill (MV-301)
Notice of Abandoned Motor Vehicle (MV-300) - Used to obtain a title on an abandoned vehicle.
Lease Tax Worksheet for Out-of-State Vehicle Lease - Used to calculate the tax owed on a vehicle lease originating outside of South Dakota.
Lease Tax Worksheet: In-State Vehicle - Used to calculate tax owed on a leased vehicle.
South Dakota Extended or Additional Consideration Lease Tax Worksheet
Motor Vehicle Title Complaint Form (MV-097) - Use to file any complaint with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
General Supply Request (MV-201)
County Treasurer Supply Request Form
License Plate Order Form

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