Payment Types

You may make an ACH Debit or Credit Card payment in EPath , “Make a Payment”, or by calling 1-800-829-9188. 

The Department accepts the following payments:
ACH Debit –You authorize the Department of Revenue to transfer the tax payment from your bank account to the Department’s bank on the payment date you select.  Be sure to contact your bank to authorize the Department’s ACH Debit transaction. The Department of Revenue's bank originator number is 9466000364.

ACH Credit – You tell your bank to send payment from your account to the Department of Revenue’s bank account.  You must notify your bank to make the payment in time to ensure Department’s bank receives the payment on or before the second-to-last working day of the month.  You are also responsible for any costs associated with an ACH Credit payment.
ACH Credit Bank Information - Transfers must be made in the NACHA CCD+ format using the TXP Convention. The bank must include your license number in the TXP information. If it is not included the Department will not know which account to apply the payment to. Please provide a copy of the ACH Credit Bank Information to your bank.

Credit Card – You may make a credit card payment using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.  A 2.45% convenience fee will be charged for each credit card payment.

Paper Check – If you are unable to pay electronically, you may send a paper check.

Payment Due Dates
Electronic payments are due on or before the 25th of the month following each period.   

You must submit ACH Debit payments two business days prior to the payment date you select in order for the payment to be scheduled. The payment will not be transferred prior to the payment date selected.  You may schedule an ACH Debit payment for the payment due date and most Fridays.

Payment Due Date Calendar

Penalty For Late Payments - Interest of 1% (.01) will be assessed each month on any past due tax until the tax is paid in full. (A minimum of $5.00 interest is due the first month). (Interest of 1.25% is assessed for each month that tax is unpaid prior to July 2015).

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