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Renew On The Go With DMV Now Kiosks

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Did you know that you can renew your motor vehicle registrations in less than three minutes? Best of all, you may not even have to go out of your way to do it!

What are DMV Now License Renewal Self-Service Kiosks?

The Motor Vehicle Division offers a variety of methods to complete your yearly registration renewal—including our DMV Now License Renewal Self-Service Kiosks. DMV Now License Renewal Kiosks are fully automated motor vehicle registration renewal stations which dispense license renewal tags on the spot. These are conveniently located throughout the state, so whether you are filling up your car or getting groceries, you may be able to add your registration renewals to your shopping list.

How It Works

A vehicle owner can navigate through the easy touch screen (voice assistance available) with a valid South Dakota driver’s license, South Dakota identification card, or if a company, the information provided on its renewal notice. Once the payment has been submitted and the transaction is completed, the license renewal tags and vehicle registration card are dispensed directly from the machine.

During the transaction, the customer is asked to scan the bar code on their South Dakota driver’s license or South Dakota identification card. This action retrieves all the vehicle owner’s registrations and allows them to select only the registrations they want to renew. Vehicle owners from any county can use the terminal with the proper identification.

Payment and Locations

Acceptable forms of payment include electronic check and credit/debit cards (Discover, MasterCard and Visa only). There is a processing fee of $1.50 for echeck or 2.25% for a debit or credit card. The motor vehicle division currently has 10 kiosks throughout the state, which are located in Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Watertown and Yankton.

For specific locations and more information, click here.

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