County Officials

Directors of Equalization - The county Director of Equalization has the responsibility of ensuring all property in the county is accounted for on the tax list. They are also responsible to ensure these properties are all assessed in an equal and uniform manner. Only when the assessments of the property are fair and equal can the tax burden be distributed fair and equal.

County Auditors - The auditor is the watchdog of the county for property taxes. The auditor receives all tax requests from the various governing boards that can tax your property. They also ensure these entities can legally tax your property, and also ensures the amount they are levying is in compliance with all laws of the state. The auditor is the keeper of county records and acts as a bookkeeper for county business. Records may include documents, books, or minutes from county commission meetings. The auditor is responsible for scheduling county commission meetings, preparing the agenda, following up on commission decisions through letters and memoranda, and preparing the county budget.

County Treasurers - When people think of county revenues they often think of property taxes, which account for the majority of revenue in county budgets. The treasurer, as the tax collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes for the county, cities, school districts and any other political district authorized to levy real estate taxes.

Register of Deeds - Your county register of deeds office can most appropriately be thought of as a library of local records. This office is a storage facility for a host of local documents. From land title transfers to birth, marriage, and death records, this office has a wealth of information about the local population. Although these are only a few of the documents recorded in this office, they remain some of the most widely requested by the general public.

County Official Documents

Budget Forms and Worksheets(.xls)
School Transmittals(.xls)
City Transmittals (.xls)

School Calculation Worksheet
PT 100

PT92 (Collected and Uncollected Tax)

New or Dissolved Districts

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