Suppliers Fact Sheet

Any supplier wishing to sell alcoholic beverages in the State of South Dakota must complete the following requirements.

  • Submit and maintain all brand label registrations; they expire December 31st of each year.
  • Submit the required electronic Alcohol Supplier Reporting Forms.
  • We no longer require suppliers to send actual paper or pdf copies of invoices.
  • The new and improved reports are in an Excel format which corresponds to the wholesalers reports. Wholesalers pay all taxes on alcohol received from suppliers.
  • Please report total gallons or total barrels sold only.
  • Email each applicable Excel file to by the 15th of each month.


  • Apply for a Solicitors License- any person who contacts a wholesaler or retail dealer within this state for the purpose of selling, promoting, or advertising alcoholic beverages or for any other reason connected with the alcoholic beverage industry is required to obtain a Solicitor License Go to SD.Gov/TaxApp to apply.

The department encourages suppliers to review the laws and administrative rules that apply to alcohol sales in this state.
Please contact the Special Taxes Division if you have any questions about this information. 



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