Solicitors Fact Sheet

Legal Definition: Any person employed by a licensed wholesaler within this state, or by any distiller or manufacturer within or without this state, who contacts a wholesaler or retail dealer - within this state - for the purpose of selling, promoting, or advertising alcoholic beverages or for any other reason connected with the alcoholic beverage industry but does not include employees of wholesale or transporter licensees who only deliver such beverages;

The department encourages applicants to review the laws that apply to this license.

The solicitor’s license fee is $25.00, payable to the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

How to Apply?
Submit an application here:

  1. Start a new application without creating an account.
  2. Select your business type.
  3. Select your alcohol license (New or Renewal)
  4. Complete your application.
  5. Pay for your application.
  6. Renew this license annually through your EPath account or through.



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