Liquor (Package Retailers Off Sale) Fact Sheet

Package Off-Sale liquor licenses may only be issued for use within an incorporated city or town with the exception for any unincorporated platted town having a United States post office.

If the United States post office is withdrawn from any unincorporated town, it will not affect the right of established liquor licenses to be continued, renewed or transferred; and shall not prevent the owner or bona fide lessee of the licensed premises from receiving a renewal or reissuance of such license. Please view SDCL 35-1-1 (11) for more information.


Examples of Package Liquor Licensees

  • Liquor stores
  • Grocery stores that sell beer, wine and spirits

Who Needs a License?

Anyone selling alcoholic beverages by the package for consumers to consume off of the licensed premises.


The department encourages applicants to review the laws that apply to this license. Package liquor licenses may only be operated within a municipality.


A Federal Alcohol Stamp is required. The off-sale license fee schedule is:

0-500 population
(Cities of the 3rd Class)
Not more than $300.00
Renewal: Not to exceed $300.00
500-5,000 population
(Cities of the 2nd Class)
Not more than $400.00
Renewal: Not to exceed $400.00
5,000 + population
(Cities of the 1st Class)
Not less than $500.00
Renewal: Not to exceed $500.00

How to Apply?

Contact your local finance officer for availability of licenses, the cost and what the local process is for obtaining a license.

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