Carrier Fact Sheet


Examples of Carriers

  • Limousine Services
  • Airlines
  • Tour Buses

Who Needs a License?

Any business or person who transports persons for a fee aboard any means of conveyance and wishes to sell or furnish alcohol to their customers.

License Requirements Include:

  • The carrier licensee is treated similar to any other retail licensee.
    • The carrier must purchase their alcohol directly from the wholesaler.  SDCL 35-4-60
    • The carrier must sell or furnish alcohol to the consumer and may not allow consumers to bring their own alcohol aboard the conveyance.  SDCL 35-1-5.6
    • The carrier may transport alcohol aboard one of their licensed conveyances or may obtain a transporter license to pick up alcohol from the wholesaler in a vehicle other than one of their licensed conveyances.  SDCL 35-4-66
    • Alcohol may only be served, sold or consumed between 7am and 2am.
  • The driver of the licensed carrier must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Consult with your local governing body to determine any local regulations regarding operation of the carrier license.



The department encourages applicants to review the laws that apply to this license.


The carrier license fee is $100.00, payable to the South Dakota Department of Revenue. The license entitles the licensee to sell or serve alcoholic beverages on all conveyances the licensee operates within the state. No county or city fees apply to this license.

How to Apply?

Submit an application here:

  1. Start a new application without creating an account.
  2. Select your business type.
  3. Select your alcohol license (New or Renewal)
  4. Complete your application.
  5. Pay for your application.

Note: Carrier licenses will be linked to your EPath account. EPath will send you a courtesy email reminder prior to this license expiring. You will simply need to log into your EPath account and click a RENEW link.


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