MySDCars and EPath security updates

MySDCars and EPath will soon undergo a security update in order to further protect our users’ personal information.

The update, which will be done to meet industry standards for making credit card transactions online, will go into effect no later than June 20. Many users will not see any changes after the update—depending on the version of the internet browser (i.e Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) they utilize.

Users with older internet browser versions might not be able to access some secure sites. Compatibility information can be found below.

The update is taking place in compliance with a recent review made by South Dakota’s Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT). BIT reviews industry standards on a quarterly basis, ensuring that all of South Dakota’s e-services are in compliance and offer optimal security for our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my browser compatible?

To make sure that your browser will be compatible, click here.

How do I update or download a browser so I can still use these services online?

Below are instructional webpages that will assist you in updating or dowloading an internet browser. Please note that you may not be able to upgrade your internet browser if your operating system (i.e. Windows XP) is not supported.

• Install Google Chrome
• Install Mozilla Firefox
• Install Internet Explorer 11

If none of the above downloads/updates are successful, please contact your preferred tech support.

What should I do if I cannot update my browser?

For MySDCars Users:

Renew your vehicle registration at your county treasurer's office or at a self-service terminal.

Order a specialty license plate by completing our Application for a Specialty License Plate.

Report your sale by completing our Seller's Report of Sale

For EPath Users:

File and pay your sales tax return by completing the Sales Tax Return. Sales Tax Worksheets are also available online.

File and pay your contractor's excise tax return by completing the Contractor's Excise Tax Return. Contractor's Excise Tax Worksheets are also available online.

Obtain your Motor Fuel forms here.

For Bank Franchise Tax or Alcohol related inquiries, contact the Department of Revenue toll free at 1.800.829.9188


Still have questions? Contact us.

For EPath related inquiries, contact the Department of Revenue toll free at 1.800.829.9188 or by email at

For questions about your motor fuel returns, contact our motor fuel agent by phone at 605.773.8178 or email us at

For any questions about MySDCars, please call the motor vehicle division at 605.773.3541 or by email at

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