Recreational Vehicle (including motorhomes, converted housecar/bus)

Chapter 32-03

A recreational vehicle is a vehicular portable structure built on a chassis designed to be used as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational and vacation uses and permanently identified as "travel trailer" by the manufacturer of the trailer. A trailer identification plate may not be used on a recreational vehicle.

Motorhome - A vehicle designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel use, built on or permanently attached to a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis or on a chassis cab or van that is an integral part of the completed vehicle.

License fees on a travel trailer shall be determined under the current noncommercial trailer fee schedule.

An Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration must be completed and filed in the county of the applicant's residence along with payment of applicable fees.

A purchase order, sales contract or bill of sale will be required if the Dealer Price Certification is not completed on the application.

Attach to the application the manufacturer's statement of origin or title properly transferred to the applicant.

Motor vehicle titling and registration fees are done through your local county treasurers office. Click here for all applicable license fees that must be paid to the county treasurer.

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