Section E: Title Changes

Corrections/Recalls of South Dakota Certificate of Title/Registration

  1. ARSD 64:28:10:03 states: Either the county treasurer, the dealer, or the owner shall return certificates of title with errors for correction to the department with a statement of facts explaining the reason for the correction. The dealer and owner are responsible for assuring that the issued title contains accurate and correct information.
  2. On assignment of South Dakota certificate of title, it shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to see that his name is properly entered and that his name and address are legible.
  3. A correction shall be free of charge when the Division of Motor Vehicles is responsible for the error. When the applicant is responsible for the error, however, a title fee shall be assessed.
  4. A certificate of title with an error is returned to the county treasurer with a statement of facts for correction. The title fee is collected. If the fee is not required, it shall be returned.
  5. A current odometer reading, when applicable, must be submitted with the request for correction.
  6. If it appears at any time that an applicant for a title or registration of a vehicle is not entitled thereto, the secretary may refuse to issue a title or to register any vehicles owned by the person.
  7. If it is determined that the titleholder or lienholder was not entitled to a title or registration already issued, the division shall send a certified notice to the titleholder or lienholder that the title or license plate will be revoked and canceled 10 days after the date of receipt, refusal to accept receipt, or the last day the postal service attempted delivery. The notice shall demand that the titleholder or lienholder return the title or license plates.
    • If the owner or lienholder believes that the title or registration should not be revoked, the owner may request, in writing, a hearing. The hearing must be requested prior to the effective date of the title or registration revocation.
    • Intentional use of title after receiving the department's notice of revocation is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Void Certificate of Title

  1. Any alteration or correction on the certificate of title, either on the face or reverse side of the document, voids the certificate of title.
  2. Only one certificate of title shall be in existence on a vehicle.
  3. The issuance of a duplicate certificate of title shall automatically void the previously issued document.
  4. When an original certificate of title is lost and a duplicate certificate of title issued, if the original title is found, the original title shall be void and forwarded to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Requiring South Dakota Driver's License Number of Social Security Number

  1. South Dakota driver's license or social security number required (SDCL 32-5-3, 25-7A-56.2).
    • Effective July 1, 1997, a South Dakota driver's license number or social security number has been required on all owners to be shown on the title at time of titling and registration.
    • An applicant that lists a social security number and who does not have a South Dakota driver’s license must provide a photo copy of a picture ID (e.g., out-of-state driver’s license or tribal photo identification. This applies to each applicant indicated on the application.
      • An applicant must also provide the county in which the vehicle is to be kept (regardless of state).
      • An applicant must also provide his/her residence post office address. An out-of-state resident is not prohibited from registering in South Dakota. An applicant must provide his/her actual resident address, which can be out-of-state.
    • An applicant using a PMB or mail forwarding address must attest (Affidavit Claiming Lack of Residence/MV3020) that he/she claims no residential post office address in this or any other state. If a person does claim residence in another state, the applicant is required to list that address on the application.
  2. Federal employee identification number (FEIN) required (32-5-3, 25-7A-56.2).
    • Effective July 1, 2008, the federal employee identification number is required on all businesses shown on the title at the time of titling and registration. An owner’s South Dakota driver’s license number or a social security number may be used in-lieu-of a FEIN when they are the sole proprietor of a business.
  3. A matricula consular card or substantially similar document issued by the Mexican Consulate as proof of identification for any purpose is unacceptable (SDCL 1-1-26).

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