Motor Vehicle Statutes - Title 10 and 32
01 State Administration of Motor Vehicles
03 Title Registration, Liens And Transfers
03A Title, Registration and Taxation of Boats
04 Theft And Misappropriation Of Vehicles
05 Annual Registration And License Plates
05A County Wheel Tax
05B Excise Tax On Motor Vehicles
06B Regulation of Vehicle Dealers
06C Regulation of Snowmobile Dealers
06D Manufacturer's Warranty
06E Regulations of Snowmobiles Franchising Agreements
07A Dealers and Manufacturers of Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes
07B Regulation of Boat Dealers
09 Commercial Motor Vehicle Certificates
10 Interstate Reciprocity And Proportional Registration Of Fleets
11 Motor Vehicle Funds
20 Motorcycle Regulation
20A Snowmobile Operation
30 Stopping And Parking Restrictions
31 Emergency Vehicles
32 School Buses
33 Apprehension And Prosecution Of Violators
34 Accidents And Accident Reports
35 Financial Responsibility of Vehicle Owners and Operators
36 Abandoned, Derelict And Junk Motor Vehicles And Scrap Metals
47B Fuel Taxation
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