Principal Place of Business

Any applicant who is moving his dealership to a new location must obtain permission from the DRR.

New and Used Vehicle Dealers, Boats, Motorcycles and Trailers
All applicants and existing dealerships must have a principal place of business that conforms to the laws and rules under dealer licensing. For vehicle, used vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, and boat dealers, this requires an enclosed permanent structure located within the state, easily accessible and open to the public at all reasonable times. There must be an improved area adjoining the building that is large enough to display five or more vehicles/boats of the type the dealer is licensed to sell.

The principle place of business location must accord to all applicable land use ordinances, building codes and zoning. It is the location that all books, records and files necessary to conduct business are kept and maintained. In no event may rooms in a hotel, motel, apartment house, or any part of a single or multiple unit dwelling house be considered a "principal place of business", unless the entire ground floor is devoted principally to, and occupied for, commercial purposes.

The principal place of business must have separate office space for conducting business if more than one business occupies the structure.

The licensed dealer must be open for business on a continuing basis, with normal business hours posted in a place visible for viewing by the public.

The dealership must maintain a telephone and telephone number in the name of the business. In the event the principal place of business is in a structure which houses more than one business, the dealer's office must be separate from the other business.

A dealer inspector must inspect all principal places of business and certify they are in accordance with the law before a dealer license is issued.

Mobile/Manufactured Homes
The place of business for mobile/manufactured home dealers may not be a tent, temporary stand or other temporary quarters, nor permanent quarters occupied pursuant to any temporary arrangement.

The license may use unimproved lots and premises for sale, storage and display of mobile homes and manufactured homes.

A licensee may use a residence located within or adjacent to his mobile home park or a manufactured home park as a principal place of business, unless prohibited by local zoning.

A snowmobile dealer must have a place of business in which the records, books and files necessary to conduct business are maintained and available for inspection.

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