License Renewal Process

The actual (paper) dealer license is issued for a 5-year period, unless canceled or revoked for cause by the Division of Motor Vehicles; however, each year, a License Renewal Notice and Billing is sent out by the division approximately 3 months before the expiration of the license. The License Renewal Notice contains all pertinent data on file relative to the dealership. The Notice and Billing must be thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, with required changes noted thereon. The document must then be signed and returned to the county treasurer of the county in which the dealership is located by the deadline date shown on the Notice and Billing.

Payment of the annual dealer renewal license fee and dealer plate fees must accompany the License Renewal Notice and Billing.

Failure to renew a dealer license prior to its expiration will result in the dealer being assessed the same fee as the initial license fee.

Renewal License Fees (if submitted prior to the expiration of the license)
  1. Vehicle Dealer - $175
  2. Used Vehicle Dealer - $175
  3. Mobile/Manufactured Home Dealer -$150
  4. Motorcycle Dealer - $150
  5. Snowmobile Dealer - $125
  6. Trailer Dealer - $100
  7. Boat Dealer - $175
  8. Emergency Vehicle Dealer - $175

In the event a dealer possesses more than one type of dealer license, the dealer must renew all the licenses during the license renewal month assigned to the dealer.

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