E-Path Forms / Templates

Motor Fuel Forms

This Excel file can be used as a template for uploading Motor Fuel Supplier disbursement records. Upon uploading data from this file, your Supplier return is created for you which allows you to then submit it to DOR for processing

Prior to uploading it, this file will need to be saved as a .txt or .csv file.

Schedule of Receipts and Disbursements Template

911 Emergency Surcharge Forms

You may use an Upload File process to complete your E9 911 Emergency Surcharge Return.

Templates are available to use in uploading jurisdiction information for the User lines subject to the $1.25 per user line 911 Emergency Surcharge. The template is available in Excel (*.xlsx); 97-2003 Excel (*.xls) and CSV (*.csv) formats.

Provider Upload Template-Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)
Provider Upload Template - 97-2003 Excel Workbook (*.xls)
Provider Upload Template -CSV (*csv)

Sales, Use, and Contractor's Excise Tax Templates

Contractor's Excise Tax - CSV (*csv)
Contractor's Excise Tax - Excel (*.xlsx)

Sales Tax - CSV (*csv)
Sales Tax - Excel (*.xlsx)

Select the format you can use and Save it to your computer. The template includes all jurisdictions (counties/cities) that are reported on the State 911 Emergency Surcharge return. Enter the total number of each type of user line for each jurisdiction. Save the file.

To upload the file use Browse to select your file, and then select Upload File. The data will be added to your return. EPath will calculate surcharge, administrative fee, and the total amount due.

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